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Belated CNY celebration

We had our belated CNY celebration today – not by going house visiting though. We went cycling at East Coast! And spent time getting ourselves wet at the beach!

It was so fun, and something I had looked forward to since the week before. It is always nice to have a four-day work week.

Met L and Z at Parkway Parade for lunch at 2pm. We were all early! 🙂 We then made our way to East Coast Park. It was scorching hot but shiok to be nearly the only ones out on a weekday afternoon.

True enough, we had the beach nearly all to ourselves. Cycling was fuss-free and nowhere as stressful as the last time we were here. It was cheap too, $6 for 3 hours per person (extra 2 hours thrown in) with a free bottle of water!

We were not as gungho this time round (we had gone all the way to the Changi Beach park connector) and stopped just after the Bedok Jetty (which by the way, is under construction).

We sought relief from the heat by wetting our feet in the water, which eventually led to us wetting our feet, our pants, and our butts! The tide was coming in! But it was so fun! Suddenly, I felt young again, and only stopped short at not picking sea shells! Haha.

Took pictures, quite a couple. Will load it once I have all of them from everyone.

Then it was a leisurely ride to the food centre where we had coconut! Mine turned out to be the oldest; the flesh was too tough and I gladly exchanged it with Z 🙂

Got back to the rental station in good time and definitely not as exhausted as the last time. It started to rain a bit so we quickened our pace and headed for Waraku for dinner.

It was a satisfying meal, other than the fact that the wait staff were shouting Japanese welcome phrases everywhere. We were seated near the entrance so it was really loud! What irked me was the manner they shouted it. It sounded sluggish and they seemed to be making a joke out of it, by sprouting phrases unnecessarily. Oh well, it got rather amusing after a while.

Today must be a really good day, because even the bus journey was without much hiccups – both buses came on time, without much waiting and I was home by 8.20pm. 🙂

Now, why do all good things come to an end so quickly?


My first Gucci!

Obviously, owning a first Gucci bag is a very special and personal landmark that warrants one blog entry by itself. That I am putting my Taiwan posts on hold for this entry first.

So, as mentioned in the earlier post, LT and I made our way to the Gucci private sale on Wed. Both of us just had to get something! Most of the stuff was going at 30% discount!

We reached Paragon at 10am. Gucci wasn’t open till 11am, so we went to Prada first. Prada was also having their private sale, and there wasn’t much of a crowd. The crowd was really of a different calibre; in short, the tai tai crowd. They were buying stuff off the shelves like it was just another day at the supermarket, like nobody’s business!

We then made our way to Gucci. Laid my eyes on this, in bronze, initially. It was going for $833, 30% off its original of $1190. I pranced up and down the store, trying to make sure I had the best buy and I wasn’t missing out on something even better.

Then we decided to make our way to the Takashimaya store, to check out the offers there since we could get a 6% rebate with the Taka card. Of course, we left after ensuring that there was still available stock of the bag! 🙂

It was nearing lunchtime and the crowd was starting to build up. Once there, I went to pick up the bag, as if just to stake ownership of it. I was on the verge of paying for it when I saw the bigger, tote-bag version of this. I was attracted immediately!

And within a matter of a few minutes, I decided to get the second bag instead of the earlier one. I liked the second bag more and more. Maybe my indecisiveness about the first bag was because of the price, and also how the design was similar to my Coach hobo bag. The second bag cost $735, 30% down from $1050.

LT used her Taka card and we were entitled to the 6% rebate, so I got it in the form of $30 Taka vouchers. 🙂

LT herself settled for a pink tote bag. We were initially supposed to be on half day leave but she decided to take the whole day off so I made my way back to office (reluctantly of course!) with my large Gucci shopping bag in toil! Was really quite embarrassed as I made my way through the work cubicles. I mean, this is a government ministry you are talking about, not some investment bank, and a civil servant taking half day leave to shop at Gucci? That is quite unheard of, unless you are talking about my boss!

So, anyway, I have started using the bag and I am so so so pleased with it!!