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This is the life

Mask on face, lazing on the couch and catching sunderland vs man united on a lazy sunday evening. This IS the life!

This time next week, I’ll be at hokkaido! Yup, flying off on Thursday morning, spending a week there, in perfect (I hope) timing to catch the first blooms of the cherry blossoms!

The first three days next week is going to be an absolute drag. Have been in a pre-holiday mood since couple of weeks back. And because we had booked our tickets and hotels at least a month in advance, we were spared the agony of the last minute scramble to secure hotel accommodation. Not to mention the bliss of securing air fares at a good deal! Oh, and the jap currency has been in our favour too! ūüôā

Now if you could, could you fast forward to thurs morning pls?


Protected: An uncompleted race

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Right in the comfort of my own home! My boss brought her Victoria’s Secrets catalogue to the hotel yesterday and it tempted me enough to spend nearly 2 hours browsing the Sales and Clearance section of the¬†VS website and I ended up with…

Contrast babydoll Bra Top in paradise pink/white @ $16.99

Embellished halter Bra Top in coral @ 25.99

Boatneck Bra Top in lipstick red @ $19

There was another cropped cardigan I really liked, cost only $15 but ALL the colours I liked were out of stock! ūüė¶

Their expected delivery date is 11 June! Can’t wait!¬†I am a happy gal!


I am back from my one-week holiday from Taiwan. Yes, I know I am not done with my US holiday posts yet. So will attempt to finish my US posts before I start on Taiwan.

Was at Taiwan from 19 April to 25 April with five other colleagues. Spent most of the time in Taipei and one day in Hualien. Major mistake to spend majority of the time in Taipei; Hualien was wonderful. More on that later.

Have gotten to know my colleagues in a better (or worse) way. Some regrets along the way, it now seems funny now that I look back at everything. All regrets will be resolved with a (several) bitching session(s). :p

For now, back to my US Dec 07 series..


Lifestyle of the rich

As you can see, I am really in the blogging mood today. This is my second post for the day. Last week and the coming week are set to be “networking” weeks. Our agency invited my manager and the few of us to Xi Yan for CNY lunch last Wednesday and it will be MediaCorp’s and SPH’s turn next week. More about the Xi Yan lunch.

Xi Yan is at Craig Road (near Tanjong Pagar) and all of us were looking forward to the treat from very early on, thanks to rave reviews from my boss, who says the food is fantastic.

Then just before Wednesday, my boss fell sick and was initially unable to attend the lunch but told us to go ahead without her because the food was darn good! Sian! We were meeting with the boss of the agency and it just felt so awkward without my boss around, who is a real pro at PR!

Fortunately, she was well enough to come along with us. The exterior of the restaurant is nothing to scream about. It is on the second floor on a row of shophouses and there is no signboard in front to indicate its location. Step inside, it is quite a cosy place with nice ambience and decor.

The food was interesting too. We had a total of 8 dishes (including dessert). When each dish is served, the service staff will give a short introduction of the food like its cooking method.

The menu we had was the CNY special menu. According to Y, they had to make reservations weeks in advance because the place was so popular! Which was true because the crowd soon started streaming in. After a while, it was packed! (well, granted the venue isn’t very big also) But the place looked damn atas! So I figured food is good too.

The menu we had:

Xi Yan signature prosperity Yu Sheng

This dish was so interesting! It was not your traditional yu sheng; there were a lot of greens, and the plum + tangerine sauce tasted very good too! I had more than my usual-one-serving!

Gold oyster nuggets

So-so dish. Don’t really like oysters cooked this way. Give me my ow jian (oyster omelette) anytime!

Kimchi praws with Shanghainese rice cake

This was a very unique dish. Prawns cooked with kimchi, seasoned with cheese. Very fusion.

Crispy spareribs with preserved tangerine peel

I like this dish! Very unique! Not your usual spareribs. This one was marinated with tangerine peel and then dipped in sweet potato mix. Yum!

Golden roe glutinous rice with rice

Didn’t touch this as I don’t eat crabs. The bamboo smell was quite strong and reminded me of the smell back in Fuchow at meals. Enough said.

Braised radish with salmon roe in superior abalone sauce

Another unique dish, and in reality, quite a simple dish. Steamed radish in abalone sauce and topped with salmon roe and bacon bits. The salmon roe tasted very fishy. Horrible taste!

Furong chicken and fish maw soup

I liked this! Very homely feeling.

Chilled fragrant lotus seed sweet paste

An unexpected taste and texture. We expected it to be warm, and taste “paste-y” like “or ni”¬†but¬†the dessert turned out to¬†be cold and its texture was¬†watery, like red bean soup.

Something funny happened during the meal. J returned from the washroom and whispered to me the whole meal cost $108++ per person. The menu was stuck on the washroom wall. We were quite stunned by it. Ridiculous lah! I decided I had to make a trip myself to see it for myself!

Really! Quite amazing, granted that it wasn’t that fantastic to justify such a astronomical price tag!

Just before we left, we were given a name card and a customised menu card (why do you think I can rattle off the menu like that?). Customised because the card was addressed “For Mr Axxxx & Guests” with the date.

Good marketing!


My colleagues and I went for KTV yesterday. I was looking forward to it; something we had planned for a week.

I was in office early again, though not as early as that fateful Wednesday to clear my work as I had to leave at 3pm to an external meeting with my director. More on that later.

It was a productive day, I managed to clear quite a bit of work done, in between being the middleman between my boss and the agency on our media planning. Work was so busy that I had to eat in for lunch, while keeping myself stationed at the computer for latest emails. But that’s ok, I do like such adrenaline sometimes.

And, we managed to satisfy our craving for table soccer as well. We passed the belated present to the birthday guy and we talked quite a bit of crap.

I left the office at 2.50pm to get to the venue. The cab driver asked what route I wanted to take, so I just casually replied the shortest route. And he suggested going by the AYE, then CTE. I had a strange feeling and told him to go by Farrer Road instead. And I was right, the cab driver was trying to fleece me because going by the AYE was a much longer distance! How dare he! But I was also proud of myself for being able to stop him! Hehe.

The meeting ended around 6pm and my director offered to drop me near my house. He was quite ok; did not seem to be a bad mood, we even joked a bit, and shared some views together. Well, all that nerves before the meeting were I suppose, uncalled for.

Reached home at about 6.30pm to change and head out for dinner with my family before meeting the colleagues for KTV at TP.

153 took a super long to come and by the time I reached, it was already nearing 9pm! And to think I would be the first to arrive, since they had to come from office.

On my way to meet them, the scene of seeing him at the KTV suddenly came to my mind. I must have been a little confused, thinking that the KTV session was with my uni clique. I had to remind myself no, this was with a different group of people. Oh I miss him so much!

Back to the KTV. We had so much fun laughing and singing, and we only left at 2am. Broke our records of sorts!

Amid the hustle and bustle…

it is important to know when to take a break. Yeah. True. But why do I feel so uncomfortable at trying to practise what I preach? I had a rare unproductive day at work today. I think I am still a little jet lagged from NY. I have been waking up at 4am for several nights now.

Anyway, I know I can’t really attribute my lack of productivity to this. On days whenI have been super productive, I am able to shrug off my sleepiness and get the job done! So for today, I am just plain lazy.

Not much of any “real work” done today. A lot of coordination, liaising, ding donging over emails. As my boss puts it, urgent but not important stuff. So for today, I have been doing many urgent things, but most of which are not important.

Tomorrow is Friday! Yay! Weekends coming, which also means the following week is coming again. This week was relatively easy because of the public holiday on Tuesday, but how am I going to survive next week, all 5 days of it?

And I told myself I will go home at first 6.30pm, then 7pm. And I am still here. My boss, who had been missing the whole afternoon, suddenly popped by my cubicle to ask me some questions. The time? 6.35pm. What a dampener! I think I have been doing Ot so often that I feel weird and guilty if I go home early, especially if I leave earlier than the boss.

I am still trying hard to convince myself that it is perfectly alright to do this once in many late nights that I have put in. I am still trying…

Working with the big bosses is also quite tiring, and I felt even more so today. I was trying to coordinate some meetings between different agencies and the bosses think I am an expert mind reader! They give me ambiguous email replies and expect to know what they are thinking. I always have to end up asking and confirming with them their intentions. They are probably thinking: Isn’t this obvious? Why is this girl asking so many questions??

But I have learnt my mistake. It always pays to be more kiasu and ask questions rather than assume the wrong thing and things screw up in the end.