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Belated CNY celebration

We had our belated CNY celebration today – not by going house visiting though. We went cycling at East Coast! And spent time getting ourselves wet at the beach!

It was so fun, and something I had looked forward to since the week before. It is always nice to have a four-day work week.

Met L and Z at Parkway Parade for lunch at 2pm. We were all early! 🙂 We then made our way to East Coast Park. It was scorching hot but shiok to be nearly the only ones out on a weekday afternoon.

True enough, we had the beach nearly all to ourselves. Cycling was fuss-free and nowhere as stressful as the last time we were here. It was cheap too, $6 for 3 hours per person (extra 2 hours thrown in) with a free bottle of water!

We were not as gungho this time round (we had gone all the way to the Changi Beach park connector) and stopped just after the Bedok Jetty (which by the way, is under construction).

We sought relief from the heat by wetting our feet in the water, which eventually led to us wetting our feet, our pants, and our butts! The tide was coming in! But it was so fun! Suddenly, I felt young again, and only stopped short at not picking sea shells! Haha.

Took pictures, quite a couple. Will load it once I have all of them from everyone.

Then it was a leisurely ride to the food centre where we had coconut! Mine turned out to be the oldest; the flesh was too tough and I gladly exchanged it with Z 🙂

Got back to the rental station in good time and definitely not as exhausted as the last time. It started to rain a bit so we quickened our pace and headed for Waraku for dinner.

It was a satisfying meal, other than the fact that the wait staff were shouting Japanese welcome phrases everywhere. We were seated near the entrance so it was really loud! What irked me was the manner they shouted it. It sounded sluggish and they seemed to be making a joke out of it, by sprouting phrases unnecessarily. Oh well, it got rather amusing after a while.

Today must be a really good day, because even the bus journey was without much hiccups – both buses came on time, without much waiting and I was home by 8.20pm. 🙂

Now, why do all good things come to an end so quickly?

Trapped in the past I just can’t seem to move on

A line from the song “Way Back Into Love” from the movie “Music and Lyrics”. A line that has struck me for quite a while, at a time when I was still unsure about things, unsure about whether my so-called intuitions were right.

This line struck me again this couple of days. It turns out that my “intuitions” were true. He confessed his feelings for me last week. I have had that niggling thought for quite a while now, but me being me, I will never take the initiative to ask.

That niggling thought grew stronger these couple of days; it was almost like a checklist – list of things a guy would do if he is interested in you – and day after day, I will check things off this “list”; things like:

– using a photo we took together as his mobile phone display pic

– finding ways to touch me where possible

– accompanying me wherever I want to go or whatever I want to do

We caught a movie on Saturday, without LT, and he was holding my hands to keep me warm. I felt a little awkward but still let him do it. He offered to hug me to keep me warm but I declined.

Prior to the movie, we were lunching at Crystal Jade in Orchard and he casually mentioned that there has been a rumour going round in the office about the two of us – that we were a couple. I sensed where the conversation was heading to, so I shrugged it off and changed the topic quickly.

While we were shopping, he told me that he had something to tell me, and I thought, Oops, I hope this is (not) it. That’s how confused I am. I could just sense that he was trying to find the opportune moment to break the news to me, but somehow didn’t manage to do it.

And so after the movie, he brought me to a corner at AMK Hub and confessed. Apparently, he had been feeling confused the past few days because it appeared that I was avoiding him. Whenever he wants to initiate a date, I will always drag LT along, turn it down because of work.

I have been uber busy the past week so I guess this can explain my behaviour somewhat. He told me that his actions of wanting to touch me, hugging me were his ways of expressing his concern for me. In particular, always carrying my laptop for me was his sign of concern, not an act of male chauvnism as I had always thought. He was sweet enough to assure me that there was no pressure on my part to reciprocate his acts if I didn’t want to.

I was a little taken aback although I had half expected the news to come through. I could only tell him that I needed more time to get used to being a couple as things are made slightly more complicated because we are working in the same division. Ah well.. this is a very very valid concern (as least on my part) because I just wasn’t comfortable with the idea that the whole division knows about us.

He wasn’t expecting anything out of this confession; he merely wanted to clear his frustrations and uncertainty with me. I could only tell him to give me a bit more time to accept all this.

Which brings me to the title of this post – Trapped in the past I just can’t seem to move on. This guy here is a very nice guy; no doubt about that/ But again, I think it’s the “The grass is greener on the other side” syndrome – and at times I still think about H. I do realise that I need to quickly snap out of this illusion because firstly, H and I never started at all and I know jolly well that he’s not into me (ouch! but yes, I realise that I need to get this into my head).

Sometimes I become selfish and start making comparisons between the 2 guys, and more crucially, traits of H that are missing in Z. Why never the other way?

I think I am still reeling from the surprise but we’ll see how things go from here. 🙂

Man Utd!!!!

European Champions for the third time! And I have witnessed 2 out of 3 historic finals! When Giggs came on in the second half, went on to score the spot kick and eventually see his team win the title, he must have felt very comforted that he finally has the chance to be part of this memorable night.

The players are now lining up to collect their winners’ medal, Giggs is at the back and he is holding the cup together with Ferdinand. Such honour!

And this win is especially poignant, 50 years after the Munich accident. This victory is dedicated to the Busby Babes..

Ok, I am too excited to blog coherently now. Shall do that later….



I am just four days away from LA!! And finally meeting him!! Goodness, I can’t wait!!! Haven’t packed yet, kind of dreading it.. and I haven’t done up my checklist yet.. I am imagining the panic on Wednesday as I strive to make sure everything is packed in and I have not missed out any important stuff. Packing of toiletries is one big pain, I hate to pack it the most, but it is also one of the most essential. Next is making sure I bring enough clothes (read: undergarments) and mentally planning the wardrobe for each day…

But… I know this is all a very, very mild irritation compared to the bigger picture. 🙂

I don’t know how I can survive Monday to Wednesday before finally boarding the plane for LA.

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