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Weekend Getaway Day 3

Oh great.. I have been soooo far behind in my posts. The last one was nearly 2 months ago and so many things have happened in between!

Back to the title of this post.. our mini holidays in August.

We spent the last day exploring Sentosa. Woke up at 11am to indulge ourselves in a sumptous breakfast – room service. We ordered a full American breakfast and Chinese dimsum.

We lingered for a while more and packed up in time for checkout. Packing was really quite effortless; all we brought were a backpack each.

We left our bags at the hotel reception after checkout and proceeded to explore the place a bit. This was not before we spent our remaining coins at the hotel arcade and indulged ourselves in more Photo Hunt, Word Play and other arcade games. We still found it amazing that it cost cheaper in Sentosa than elsewhere to play Photohunt!

First stop, Images of Singapore.

It was really hot and the sunlight very glaring. We took a few pictures outside the museum and just when we were about to step in, a big group of ABNN tourists arrived! Oh well..

The place hasn’t changed much from my last visit but I still enjoyed myself nonetheless.

We went to the Underwater World next, after LT and I both decided that we would give Fort Siloso a miss because it was far too eeire for our liking! This was really a no-other-option kinda thing so we spent nearly 30 bucks to see the fishes. It was a Monday afternoon, not any public day but the place was super packed! With tourists (mostly ABNNs)! Just annoying! While on the travellator, we had to stop every few steps cos we were constantly interrupted by tourists stopping to take photos, or tourists who were just stopping to look at the fishes (read: stopping in the MIDDLE of the path). We couldn’t even step off the travellator cos there were people there too! The place was basically crowded like anything!

Pretty sad that my trip to Underwater World after such a long time has been marred by these incidents of irritation and unhappiness. All that aside, the aquarium is still one of the top tourist spots in Singapore, or even Asia, and I swell with pride when I think about that.

Weekend Getaway Day 2

Day 2 was a jam-packed one. We had to be at ARPC by 11.30am for S’s baptism ceremony, something that is “even more important than her wedding”. How could we turn it down?

Woke up around 9am to take the resort’s shuttle bus that brought us to HarbourFront Centre. Chanced on a Taiwanese snacks fair by NTUC and we ended up with some mochi and sun biscuits. We obviously were still thinking a lot about Taiwan!

Had breakfast at Seah Im Food Centre. Didn’t eat much because it was seriously far too early for breakfast on a Sunday morning. We were ahead of time and reached the church at 11.15am after a bus ride that took 30 mins tops.

I felt the reception we received at the church slightly intimidating, because people just seemed overly passionate and friendly; it’s like you are their good friend although we’ve met for less than 2 minutes. I was looking forward to the songs though, hoping to hear some familiar tunes from my times at PL. Well, I did hear something familiar, “A New Commandment”.

The service went beyond its schedule and lasted past 1.30pm, nearly 2pm. We were quite guilty about turning down Y’s invitation for lunch (all 3 of us said we had something to attend to and couldn’t lunch) so the four of us made our way to Adam Road Centre for lunch.

After lunch, we made our way to the zoo in a cab and it was nearly 4pm when we got there. Sounds late but it turned out that we had far too much time later on..

It was scorching hot and we paid 5 bucks each to take the zoo tram, not to sight-see, but to rest our legs! We are turning old…

At some parts, LT and I even dozed off! And no, I didn’t see any elephants (heard announcements about them), giraffes, tigers, lions… You get the drift, “typical” animals one should have seen at the zoo, we didn’t see any.

Well, we did see bats (disgusting! Took pictures beside some, and 1 flew so low I swear it touched me!), polar bears, orang utans, snakes, monkeys, sea otters, squirrels, aligators, jaguars etc.

As the weather slowly cooled, we explored the place a bit more on foot, but this proved too late because the zoo was closing soon. And we had this “ingenious” suggestion that the zoo’s opening hours should be extended beyond its 6.30pm so that it links smoothly to the Night Safari. Obviously it doesn’t work this way… We had dinner at KFC before we went to Tanjong Pagar for KTV! Yes, KTV is our idea of an activity, not going to the zoo… that is er.. “something special”. All I can say is, thankfully we didn’t need to pay for admission!

And yes, KTV is what wakes all of us up! We had fun singing our lungs out, and most importantly for me, I didn’t have to bother about calls from home asking me what time I was coming home! Woohoo!

We sang till 11pm and was up for our next activity. No prizes for guessing, yes, Photo Hunt! We played till the resort employeee had to chase us out as we finished our “last game”.

Fun fun day!

Weekend Getaway Day 1

No, not during the National Day weekend. It was the weekend before.

Together with LT and CY, we checked ourselves into Shangri-La Rasa Sentosa Beach resort for a mini holiday last weekend, from Saturday to Monday.

This was something the three of us had planned for quite some time; right after our big boss decided to give some of us a day off for meeting our recruitment targets. But we were frantically checking on chalets at Pasir Ris and Sentosa the day before. And LT and I were still calling Rasa Sentosa and Siloso Beach Resort to check on pricing and vacancies the Friday before. Even the room at Rasa Sentosa was booked at the free terminal outside The Cathay at AMK Hub on Friday. How exciting!

Nonetheless, all went pretty well and the 3 of us met at Vivo City around 3 plus the following day. So much for trying to save up – I was dilly-dallying at home and in the end had to zip off in a cab that cost 10-odd dollars.

After a quick lunch at Burger King, we made our way to Sentosa by train. We had the corporate pass so our $2 admission and $3 for the train ride was waived!! 🙂 The weather was scorching hot and LT and I whipped out our shades in no time! We took the free shuttle bus to Rasa Sentosa after we waited for what seemed like eternity for the tram.

We had booked a Superior Room, which actually is a normal room, with a hill view. The “hill view” turned out to be a thick jungle that we saw from the “balcony”. Oh well, between this and the sea view or pool view, I would rather settle for this. After all, the hotel room was really just for us to sleep in. Not worth it for the extra moolah one gotta fork out.

After unpacking, getting extra set of stuff and lazing around (for a very long time), we set out to explore the hotel. By then it was nearing 7pm. We spotted an arcade there, with the usual suspects, Photo Hunt and Time Crisis there. Great! Another form of entertainment for the next 3 days.

We made our way on foot along Siloso Beach to where all the happening pubs were. The weather was getting cooler and it was quite comfortable by then. CY and I took off our sandals as we walked along the beach, which was surprisingly quite comfortable. It was definitely a feeling I had not experienced for a long time, definitely not since my last visit to a beach, which was probably ages ago.

We had dinner at Sakae Sushi, which was really a mix of Sakae Sushi and Sakae Teepanyaki, minus the conveyor belt. It was quite a disappointment; their stocks were running low (bad considering that it was a Saturday), the decor left much to be desired (we even found ants running up and down a wall), the waiters and waitresses were amateur at best and it was quite easy to tell that there wasn’t much effort put in food presentation. It felt very much like a kopi tiam, made high class only by the prices. Perhaps the only redeeming point was that the decor for the teepanyaki section was still rather presentation, but this just created a very stark contrast between the teepanyaki section and the rest of the restaurant.

After the sub-standard dinner, we made our way to Cafe Del Mar, a place I have been longing to go to for the longest time. The place was rather pretty crowded and we had to sit inside as all the seats on the beach were already occupied. Which wasn’t a bad idea because it was so much quieter inside.

I ordered some Baileys with coconut and cream drink and it was so yummy! There was no tinge of alcohol at all! Which is a dangerous drink IMO, because you can just down cup after cup without tasting the alcohol!

We then made our way back to the hotel for some arcade. It was fun and woke me up instantly! The beauty of it was the Photo Hunt machine only charged 50% of what the one at Safra Yishun charges, according to the “experts”.

And so, we spent the next one hour exercising our eye power and screaming our heads off playing the games. We changed more tokens when we ran out. It was as if our money was limitless. If only this was true… But it was absolutely fun!

We left at 1am, the place’s closing time. Got back to the room, lazed around a bit more, before anyone of us reluctantly went to take our bath.

Watched “Memoirs of a Geisha” on HBO for a while and CY got a bit of scare while in the bathroom. Apparently, there are speakers in the bathroom which projected sounds from the TV and radio. The previous occupant left the volume quite loudly and CY heard this man speaking Japanese very loudly. Haha.

By the time all of us washed up, it was nearly 2am and we tucked in very tired but very happy.

Second day: a trip to a Church (??) and the zoo!