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Dec 09 Update

I am really losing touch with this blogging business. I snoop around other people’s blog, checking for updates, and here I am, being so slow with the updates. Not that anyone reads mine in the first place.

Dec has been bliss, especially at work. I was on leave for the first 2 weeks and the last week has been equally fabulous too, with Christmas and New Year!

Will update on these when I am done with the Japan posts…



Just got back from a 9-day trip to Japan. More on that later. I know I am a little late, but feel compelled to do a contemplative 2008 post.

As I was browsing through my past blog entries for 2008, I realise my “milestones” ranged from the very trivial and frivolous but noteworthy nonetheless to the emotive and milestones to be proud of. There weren’t very sad stuff, something I am very very grateful for.


2008 was the year I achieved quite a bit (by my standands) in work and was proud that I never made the wrong decision to move from my previous job despite the big pay cut I had to take.

It was through work that I learnt to speak up and to fight for my rights and things that I thought was wrong. It was the year, together with my other colleagues, we lanuched many new initiatives and “shook up” the division in hiring practices.

Some new initiaitves and happening things we did included:

on-campus interviews

interview before shortlisting

launch of new ad campaign

and the list goes on…

I was promoted twice over a span of 8 months and I am now heading a new unit that takes charge of the management of foreign teachers. New challenge definitely, but am looking forward to it!


I did quite a bit of travelling in 2008, to Taiwan in April and Japan in Dec/Jan. I was continuing my “record” of travelling every few months, from New York in Apr 07 and California/Nevada in Dec 07.

Taiwan was fun, and it made me realise new things (both good and bad) about friends. I grew closer to 3 of them as a result of the trip. Japan was totally awesome! I experienced single-digit temperatures, spent both Christmas and the new year in another country for the same time, saw snow (but did not get to touch it) for the first time, among many firsts. More on that when I start my posts.


2008 is the year I finally decide it is time for me to give him up. 4 years is way too long to hold on to someone/something that will most likely turn out to be futile.

2008 is the year I (may have) found love. As one of my most-commonly used phrases says, the ball is in my court now. I need to make a decision fast.


This section describes all the “other” (i.e. minor and possibly frivolous things that do not fall into any “important” category.

Sentosa and Singapore Zoo

Visited Sentosa and the Singapore Zoo for the first time in many years. This was made possible by a 2D-1N escapade to Rasa Sentosa in August.

Singapore Flyer

Had complimentary tickets to ride on the Singapore Flyer for the first time. All I can say is, it is all because of the complimentary tickets.

Movie Watching

2008 was also the start of a movie-watching “marathon”. Averaged about 1 per week, sometimes 2 per week. Caught movies that I previously would have just bought the DVD off the shelf. So much so that we actually ran out of movies to watch on the plane to and back from Japan!

Dark Knight – check.

Mummy Returns – check.

Mamma Mia – check. twice.

Journey to the Centre of the Earth – check.

X-Files – check.  

*Movies currently showing on JAL.

First Gucci

This takes the cake for the most frivolous “first” of 2008. Yes, my first Gucci. All $770 of it! Snagged it at a Gucci sale that my boss informed me of. I pray that this would be the first of many others to come… ;P

2008 has been a blast and 2009 will be an equally splendid one!

Happy new year!


No, not my actual sister, but someone whom I have grown very close to over the short 3 months and 3 days she has been in my company for.

She is actually an intern we took in and she reported to work on 7 July. She is a first-year-going-on-second-year student at York University and my boss had took her in to help with some of our projects.

Now I do not quite agree with my boss on taking interns in. I think we ought to be fair to the interns by giving them proper and meaningful projects that they can put in their resume to look good they can learn from in future. However, my boss is all for the idea of getting interns, even if it is just to do clerical work for a vacant clerical position we have not been able to fill for a long time.

Hence, I wasn’t entirely impressed with this 20-year old intern, from York when she first came in. We went out for lunch on her first day, the obligatory one and that was it.

As the days passed, I grew more impressed with her performance as she became the first intern at her unit to oversee actual projects, from conceptualization to implementation. She did submissions, talked to management, liaised with our ad agency, almost like anyone of us. Soon, no one, even myself, saw her as our “intern”.

Our rapport with each other at work grew and she became someone I could talk to when I had to vent my frustrations at work. She accompanied me for photoshoots, attended meetings with me and gave me her submissions to vet. She became someone I turned to for advice if I had doubts, or even, just to get her support. She constantly had ideas on how we could reach out to our target audiences, ideas on how we could streamline processes etc. She even took the initiative to volunteer to be emcee for 2 of our events.

Soon, this rapport at work soon grew and changed our relationship on a personal basis. She became a confidante as I told her my personal troubles. She also turned to me with her personal problems and was always so grateful for my advice and I have to keep telling her that I really didn’t do much, except to listen.

We hung out more often, we played table soccer together, went for lunch together, even sang KTV together. We indulged in mogu mogu, I learnt to eat salad without the dressing because of her, we became gymming buddies. She would surprise me with mogu mogu early in the morning, and told me not to get the Mamma Mia soundtrack from the 5th floor lunchtime sales not ‘because they are all parallel imports’, but because she had secretly got me a copy and didn’t want me to get another.

My only regret was that we grew closer when she was more than halfway into her internship. So much to say and do, so little time.

I saw her off at the airport on 10 Oct and I cried. Because I know I will really miss her. We have been keeping in touch via MSN and the occasional webcam (thank God for technology!) and are planning a trip together to Japan in Dec! I can’t wait! She is still sending work-related emails to us, or new ideas that she has. I know that she doesn’t want to lose touch with anyone of us, nor do we want to do the same.

She has been the best intern my unit has ever had or will ever have. She changed my perspective of how interns should be treated, they are “not just another intern”. But really, I think she has set a very high benchmark for any of the future interns to the unit to follow and she is the only person who can match or better those standards.

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Movie Marathon

Am blogging this while watching the Man U vs Chelsea Champions League. Damn! I actually missed seeing Ronaldo’s goal!

Well anyway, back to the post. Yes, a movie marathon of sorts. Movie-watching seems to be the automatic choice of activity for the time being.

This year seems to be a bumper year for movies. I was also lucky enough to catch movies on the plane when they had stopped screening in cinemas.

Movies I have caught this year so far:

Sweeney Todd – watched this over the CNY holiday. All for Johnny Depp.

Definitely, Maybe – This was a last-minute show we watched because we couldn’t get tickets for another show we wanted to watch. Memorable because we were sitting on the front row of the cinema.

Shutter – Watched this on a Friday. Will remember it because on that very same day, the lights in the lift of my flat were flickering and the usual voice recording was spoilt and silent. Err.. such a coincidence.

27 Dresses – Caught this on the return flight from Taiwan. Did not manage to finish the ending of the show because KrisWorld had to be shut down for landing. It was quite frustrating because we were seated in the older-model plane where the KrisWorld was the older version (the type where the interactive channel is not available and you can’t start any show at any time you like – you gotta follow their timing). The plane we were on, its system was not updated yet. So I wasted a lot of time waiting for the first screening to finish before I started the movie proper.

PS I Love You – Caught this in its entirety on the flight to Taiwan.

Bucket List – Watched this on return flight from Taiwan. It was definitely a welcome surprise when I saw the movie listed in the KrisWorld May catalogue. I mean, the movie was still having limited screening before we left Taiwan so to have it on KrisWorld means the turnaround is really quick! One thumbs up for that, one thumbs down for the lousy outdated KrisWorld.

It was a great, great show! I teared a bit, especially at the end.

Superhero Movie – Crappiest show I have wasted money to watch in a long while.


What Happens in Vegas

Made of Honour – Just watched this last weekend. Patrick Dempsey looked totally hot and Michelle Monaghan was so beautiful. Besides the engaging plot, LT and I were gushing about her looks, her freckles, her barely-there-but-still-beautiful makeup and all the nice dresses she wore on the movie.

The storyline is one of those you will “Oooh” at the end. A movie with no surprises, but because the storyline is so common, most people can probably make some connection between the movie with their own little personal love stories.

Next up, watching Indiana Jones coming Friday!

Zonked out

Am dozing off but I am determined to post something today. This post will be a break from my Taiwan series. That will come later, after I upload my pictures.

We had an event today which lasted till 6pm. Another seminar. This would be my 7th seminar since joining my work place one-and-half years ago. I feel proud as I look back all the seminars past, all the changes that we have introduced with each seminar. This just makes my job fun and worthwhile because we are not doing the same things repeatedly. There is always room for innovation and change, and I am lucky my bosses are pretty receptive to change.

That aside, today’s seminar went well. My big big boss came and stayed for the whole seminar, which was quite strange as he usually only popped by for a while.

I left the hotel at 6pm to do some shopping before meeting CY at Vivo for dinner. I had to go Vivo to do some banking at Stanchart. Shopped a bit, managed to get a top but wasn’t really in the best of moods because I was in heels and trying to juggle my bag, a paper bag with my documents and my laptop. The last one was the killer; my shoulders were aching so badly!

Got to Vivo around 8pm and spent some time chatting with my ex-colleagues, reminscing on the old times past. CY and I walked to several Japanese restaurants but most of them were just out of our budget range. We wanted to go to Sushi Tei, but the queue forming outside was super long! Our guess is everyone’s mentality is the same as ours.

Settled for this Jap restaurant on B2, although prices were a little on the steep side. Food was quite good though one plate of salmon sashimi with 5 (albeit thicker than normal) costs $20! Our food added up to a whopping $75! But it was worth it!

Went to Hagen Dazs for some ice-cream later. Finding the ice-cream place, again, required some effort. Vivo is just freaking huge!

On another note, I have been watching quite a bit of movies. Superhero Movie last Wed at Tiong Bahru Plaza (eve of May Day holiday), Iron Man last Sat at AMK hub and What Happens in Vegas yesterday, also at AMK Hub.

The first one was a total joke. Jokes were downright lame and even obsence. We should have sensed thar something was wrong when Pamela Anderson was one of the cameos in the film. Worst movies I have seen in a year!

Iron Man did not disappoint as always and I enjoyed the movie a lot. What Happens in Vegas was another blast. I love Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher is an additional bonus. Jokes were not just lame, without substance type of jokes. Chemistry between Cameron and Aston was just sizzling!

Next movies on the agenda:

Made of Honour

Indiana Jones

Incredible Hulk

Kungfu Panda

I can’t wait. Ok, I gtg. Really dozing off already!

Meat Pies… Wheee….

Gosh! I have not done any work at all today! I turned down going for KTV today with my uni mates mainly because I wanted to avoid seeing him, with the pretext of using today to get some work done. More on that later.

My US photos have finally been transferred into my laptop, so let’s just see when my next US post will be….

I spent an entire day outside yesterday. Met up with L and Z to watch Sweeney Todd at Eng Wah Sun Plaza. Yes, I know, not very auspicious to watch an M18 show (for gory scenes) on CNY, but the CNY movies these year were just not appealing at all!

It was a good movie, full of dark humour, sinister with unexpected twists; and Johnny Depp never disappoints. Erm, save for the gory throat cutting scenes that were put on repeat mode for quite a while. We covered our eyes and were giggling and agonising (yes, oxy-moronic I know) when the scenes would end.

The actors’ singing were commendable (save for the actress who played Johanna – I didn’t really think she sang well. Her voice was too “squeaky” for my liking) and the songs perky at times. Now I wish the musical will come to Singapore and I will definitely go catch it! And I want to download the songs too!

We made our way to Sakae Sushi for lunch, in the midst of cracking jokes about swearing off meat pies for quite a while, not going to the barber’s, to buying scarfs to protect our necks. Lame, but fun!

After dinner, we reached LB’s place at about 4pm. We took that long.. Movie was from 12 – 2 plus, and we had lunch while talking crap for nearly 2 hours. Ridiculous! Haha! 

I got introduced to Nintendo Wii and now I am really tempted to go buy one myself. We played “tennis”, “table tennis”, “participated in swimming, athletic activities at the “2008 Beijing Olympics”, played some Monopoly-like game, had lots of fun and returned home with aching arms! 🙂

LB’s dogs were ultra cute too! She has a maltese and a corgi (I think), who are both immensely adorable! I spent quite a bit of time cuddling them. The corgi, Snowy, is a real attention seeker. I prefer Cheery (the maltese) because of my own rascal and whenever I try to cuddle Cherry, Snowy would run up, demanding for attention too! Hehe! Snowy did win me over in the end! Cheery, on the other hand, is much less of an attention seeker, and can be quite “cold” at times.

This other colleague, G, is terribly afraid of dogs and her actions remind me of myself. I used to be like that pre-rascal too.

We ordered pizza for dinner and continued with Wii after dinner. Yes, I have to admit the game is addictive. Left around 11.10pm to take the train back. On the way back in the train, I received an SMS from W on KTV today at Woodlands. He had texted earlier in the day about the same subject but I turned him down since I had this gathering already. I was in two minds whether to go for it, so I turned to L, who was sitting beside me. She insisted that I turned it down, if I really wanted to give H up. Which was what I did.

And when I was chatting with him on MSN late last night, I realised he was probably not attending as well. And now, he is online. So much for my efforts! 😛